In 2015 @ Grenville I want to achieve… therefore I can!

Grenville’s Houses


Inter-house Athletics Winners: Norreys


From left to right: Salvation Choecoe (House Captain), Ms L. van der Westhuizen (House Mistress), Wendy Rasesemola (House Captain)

Winning Houses:

2013: Norreys

2012: Norreys

2011: Fitzgerald

2010: Fitzgerald


Named After:

Sir John Norreys

House Mistress:

Ms L. v d Westhuizen

Colour: Yellow

Named After:

Sir Henry Sidney

House Mistress:

Ms C. v Tonder

Colour: Red

Named after:

Sir Humphrey   Gilbert
House Mistress:

Ms K. McCourt

Colour: Orange

Named after:

Lord Charles   Howard
House Mistress:

Ms A Kearns

Colour: Blue

Named after:

Sir James Fitzgerald
House Master:

Mr. A Klopper
Colour: Green