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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct aims to establish a disciplined and purposeful school environment, dedicated to improving and maintaining the quality of education.  School discipline is the responsibility of the governing body, the principal, educators and assistance from the learner representative council.


The main objective of this Code of Conduct is to create an orderly, disciplined and purposeful school environment in which meaningful and qualitative education can take place. Self-discipline is promoted whereby learners will not deprive other learners of quality education.


This Code of Conduct is drawn up in terms of Section 8 of the S.A. Schools Act 1996.


1.         Learners at Grenville High School undertake to:

–           not deprive others of their right to be educated

–           respect the human rights of others

–           uphold the honour of the school at all times

–           abide by all the rules and regulations of the school

–           wear their full school uniform with pride

–           be loyal to the school

–           act as a responsible person and fulfil the commitment they have made

–           be truthful at all times and stand up for what is right

–           be reliable and not be absent without an acceptable reason

–           respect other people, their property and privacy

–           participate in extra-mural school activities where possible

–           be polite at all times

–           uphold the ethos by speaking English at all times

–           perform to the best of their academic ability


2.         Learners at Grenville High School are not to:

–           steal

–           be in possession of/or abuse alcohol/narcotics/harmful substances

–           be in possession of any dangerous items

–           have physical contact

–           provoke injury to other learners

–           injure other learners/educators/hostel staff/grounds men/administrative staff

–           vandalise or abuse school and/or private property

–           be insubordinate

–           refuse to obey academic or disciplinary instructions

–           be insolent (offensive, cheeky, rude, negative attitude)

–           use insulting, obscene language, offensive material or signs

–           intimidate or incite learners and staff members

–           practise any form of unfair discrimination towards others

–           initiate another learner

–           behave in a disruptive manner

–           bunk

–           leave schoolbooks at home

–           smoke

–           be associated with or be in the company of anyone committing an offence

    –           gamble.  No gambling, games of chance and/or card games are permitted on the school’s premises or in the immediate vicinity of the school.