In 2015 @ Grenville I want to achieve… therefore I can!




Our slogan is: “I am MAD, are you?” Well you are all exceptionally MAD!

In the beginning of 2013 I thought how on earth will we manage to beat last year’s amount donated to OPD. Well Grenville you have done it! You manage to raise R14 000 more. OUR TOTAL FOR 2013 IS R35 000!!!!!!!! (The reason for the capital letters, I am literally shouting it to you). You are all MAD (Making a Difference) and I am extremely proud of each one of you that donated.

We had quite a lot of exciting MAD projects IN 2013. In term 1 we donate chairs to Alabama Primary School (outside Klerksdorp). We are so privileged at Grenville, we complain about the smallest things, and they didn’t even have proper chairs. Makes one think, don’t it?

Term 2 we started with our MAD Sandwich Project, where needy learners of Grenville are given a sandwich, this in some cases are the only food these learners have. We also collected clothing and money for Hospice. In the beginning of term 3 we spent our 67 minutes (I think it was a whole lot more than 67minutes, but who’s counting? ) of making a difference at Hospice, packing, sorting and having fun.  

We also had a blast wearing our slippers to school, on 02 August. All of the money raised went to the Reach for a dream. On 06 August we came to school wearing anything BIG for Casual day. It is amazing to see how many learners support these causes! I am so thankful.

Our last big event for the year was our Christmas comes early. This year we collaborated with the RADS group to bring The MAD/RADS Christmas comes early – Jingle and Mingle. We managed to donate a large amount of gifts to Hospice, which will give to their orphans. To be honest I almost didn’t think it will happen, but thanks to Ms Magile and all her little helpers, Christmas was saved, and we had an amazing turnout. I really hope this will turn into a Grenville tradition, because if it wasn’t for Christ being born, none of this would have any meaning. During this festive season remember: Christmas begins with Christ.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he GAVE His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.

Thank you to every learner that has given money or their time during this year. You have truly made a difference in someone’s life.

It all starts with giving.

Ms D. Reiners

OPD/MAD organiser

OPD (Other Peoples Donations) & MAD (Making a Difference)